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TX-65D Trainer/Double Seater
« on: March 29, 2017, 05:00:13 PM »
Konverzija klasičnog X-winga u dvosjednu trenažnu varijantu....TX-65D Trainer/Double Seater, Revell Easykit Pocket, mjerilo 1:112, moje viđenje i varijanta trenažnog dvosjeda,a prema izvornom tekstu:
"....  This is a TX-65 primary trainer. The X-wing may no longer be on the Fleet's frontlines, but every pilot in the Fleet took his first one hundred hours in one of these, and every new pilot probably will in the years to come." ―Admiral Gial Ackbar, speaking to Plat Mallar on the TX-65 X-wing.
The TX-65 X-wing starfighter, more commonly known as the Trainer-X, was a starfighter in the service of the New Republic and was the primary starfighter used for educating trainees. The TX-65 X-wing starfighter was in the service of the New Republic by the time of the Black Fleet Crisis, approximately 16–17 ABY. All pilot trainees had to fly on a TX-65 X-wing before being rated to fly a T-65 X-wing or before advancing to training in flying an E-wing escort starfighter.  ....."
Po navici brljano pinelima, MM i Revell boje i lak i tuš vulgaris, po tradiciji fotke standardno loše........

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